Sustainable building with a vision


Adopting a responsible approach to nature, climate-friendly energy technology and efficient use of resources are criteria that determine our future. This applies in particular to buildings - especially in terms of their profitability. The combination of ecological and economical sustainability is becoming more and more important in the real estate sector.



Define your project goals

Green buildings offer many advantages: securing and increasing market value, ecological sustainability, as well as long-term profitability. Builders and investors who want to realise sustainable construction projects have a smart consulting tool with the Building Material Scout. The right building products can easily be identified and a standard for the planned sustainable building project can be set.


Document information accurately


Since green buildings are of significantly higher quality than required by law, certification systems for building products, buildings, industrial and urban districts have developed worldwide. The structured documentation of construction projects enables you to track which products, materials and certifications have been used at all times. The certification through eco-labels and Green Building Assessments provide further selling points of the respective qualities the property has to offer.


Reasons for Green Building


√ Securing and increasing the market value of your property or project

√ Ecological sustainability and long-term profitability

√ Simple management and overview of used products for sustainable building projects

√ Structured documentation of the revision documents from the construction companies

√ Comprehensive proof of construction quality



As building owner or investor you can use the Building Material Scout to

determine your desired goals and keep track of them at all times

and all stages of the construction project.


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