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The health of future residents is an essential (economic) factor for construction projects. The right choice of materials for a health-promoting room environment goes far beyond today's legal minimum standards and starts in the early planning stage. A confusing multitude of product labels, building certificates and material declarations makes it almost impossible for architects, planners and construction companies to keep track of things. With the Building Material Scout we offer all decision-makers the free use of the product database in order to make the planning phase even clearer and easier for everyone.



The right product for your project


Our integrated product database provides you with the right product and all the necessary information regarding the included materials used and the current Green Building certification. The intelligent filter system supports you in your search and minimizes the time required for product research and verification. Through certificates and product evaluations, planning reliability is guaranteed.


Simplify project documentation


The Building Material Scout enables planners to create detailed documentation of construction projects. Built-in building products with the corresponding certifications and materials used can be easily documented and can be used as evidence for auditors, building owners and investors.


We help you with the planning of:


√   Interiors

√   New buildings

√   Renovations

√   Urban city quarters

√   Urban outdoor spaces

√   Integration of relevant information into Building Information Modeling



Your advantages


√ Transparent and clear product search for your (sustainable) construction projects

√ Smart documentation of construction products with their ingredients and certifications

√ Planning reliability for Green Building projects

√ Structured documentation of the revision documents from the construction companies

√ Required information from manufacturers can be requested directly via the tool



DGNB, LEED, BREEAM? Keep the overview in the

certification jungle and simplify planning

your sustainable construction projects with

the help of the Building Material Scout.


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