A confusing variety of product labels, building certificates and material declarations makes it almost impossible for principals and planners to maintain an overview. Manufacturers, on the other hand, are constantly faced with requests for certificates and declarations. More recently, searches for product-related BIM buildings and environmental audit data have been added, resulting in a further increase in complexity.

Our vision is for Building Material Scout to provide all players involved in construction projects – financiers, principals, project developers, architects, planners, builders, and operators – with easy access to healthy, intelligent and sustainable materials and products. We are convinced that this will make a significant contribution to improving the quality of the products.

Building Material Scout evaluates and structures material-related information, making it easier to find suitable materials and products. Predefined and customizable search filters allow users to select the right materials – for example for a Green Building certification – or simply find an award-winning project. Building Material Scout overcomes the biggest hurdles to future-oriented planning, construction and operation – not least by consolidating all current information in one place.

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